Gold Line’s ZM3 Impedance Meter Keeps Sound Systems Running at Peak Performance

New features include Automatic Range Setting, Increased Battery Life and Micro Processor Control.

By MNEC Staff

Gold Line ZM3 Impedance Meter with Calculated Watts
December 17, 2015

Audio installers may have found a new fixture for their tool belts.

Gold Line says its new ZM3 Impedance Meter with Calculated Watts will take the headaches out of installing and diagnosing fixed voltage distributed sound systems.

The new features of the Gold Line ZM3 include fast automatic range Setting, increased battery life and micro processor controls.

Gold Line says ZM3’s ease of use and ability to save time on projects will lead to better accuracy—think of the value for critical audio systems tied to MNEC solutions—and increased profit margins.

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Benefits of using the new Gold Line ZM3 Impedance Meter with Calculated Watts

  • Reduced power usage when in wattmeter mode—Longer Battery Life
  • Meter is not vibration sensitive—Stays Calibrated better in the Field
  • Extended range when measuring large wattage loads—Increased Accuracy
  • Micro Processor Controlled
  • Automatic Range Setting—Ensuring the Proper Scale for Impedance Measurements
  • Calculated Watts uses 24-Bit Math—For Higher Accuracy Results
  • Fast Warm-Up—Low Drift Measurement
  • Extended Watts Range

  • The ZM3 improves upon base accuracy by replacing some of the analog components with digital circuitry and the elimination of the standard wattmeter circuitry as well as the range switch. This change also replaces several potentiometers with precision resistors. This improves the typical accuracy to about 2% over the whole range and down to 0.5 watts (on the 100 V Setting). An additional benefit is the reduction of drift during meter warmup and better tolerances between the frequency settings.

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